Capital Markets and
Investor Relations

We offer a full suite of services designed to help companies navigate the complex world of capital markets and investor relations. With combined experience of over 3 decades across public and private markets, we are the partners of choice for building and managing your investor interface.

Corporate Finance

We design, develop and execute a strategy for raising capital from institutional and non-institutional investors that aligns with the company’s business goals.
We have expertise in a wide range of fund-raising options
including Private and Venture capital, Primary and Secondary placements, Strategic investments, IPOs, Corporate Debt and Project Finance.

Investor Relations

We work with clients to develop and implement an
investor relations program, including IR webpage development, analyst and investor communications,
corporate and investor presentations, earnings releases and annual report preparation.We also work closely with clients to maintain and build relationships with current and potential investors, and financial intermediaries.

Secretarial Services

We help facilitate transparent communication and compliance between the company and its shareholders, regulatory bodies, and the broader financial community.
We provide full support and advice on shareholder communications, regulatory compliance, and corporate governance best practices

Corporate Governance

We work with clients to develop and implement best practices for putting together effective governance frameworks that align with their strategic goals and promote transparency, fairness and ethical practices.
Our services include board evaluation, executive compensation, sustainability and stakeholder management.

Equity Research

We provide deep insights into the company’s financial and operational performance, market trends and competitor activity from a capital markets perspective. We provide guidance on the company’s valuation, helping the management to not only communicate their value proposition to investors and analysts but also offer an outside-in perspective on the company’s operations, areas for improvement and actionable recommendations for enhancing performance